The moving process can be very stressful, but we're here to help! Find out how to utilize a storage unit more safely and more efficiently.

 General Storage Information: 

 1) Do not store hazardous or toxic materials, or flammable liquid and gases. Do not store food.
2) If storing bedding, clothing or furniture, keep in mind of the temperature! It may be best to rent climate-controlled units to provide a better storage environment for your possessions.
3) Use the best lock possible to protect your valuables. We recommend a round disk lock.
4) Check on your storage unit on a regular basis.
5) When moving out, take everything and don’t leave any trash. Leave the door open. Remove your lock.
Packing Tips:
1) Fill your boxes to capacity. Partially full or bulging boxes may collapse, or tip over!
2) Label your boxes thoroughly for easier access.
3) Stack your boxes from heavy to light.
4) Glass items should be individually wrapped.
5) Lay pallets on the unit floor to give better air circulation for stored items.
6) Don’t over pack your unit! Leave a walkway to the rear of the unit.
7) Stand sofas and mattresses on end. Dissemble beds and tables. Place loose, light plastic dust covers over furniture.
8) Clean appliances thoroughly. Refrigerators and freezers must be defrosted and dry. Washing machines must be completely drained. Take apart lawn mowers and other heavy equipment, making sure all the fuel is drained.
9) Wrap all mirrors, windows, screens securely. Store on edge, not flat!
10) Wardrobe boxes allow you to store your clothing on hangers. Shoes can be stored in the bottom of these boxes. Fold clothing in boxes or in dresser drawers.